Coventry blues

We mentioned, a couple of items down, that Dalrymple had recently been to Coventry and had written about an art exhibit he saw there. Yesterday the Spectator carried another piece (H/t Mr. Smethwick) about his trip and…well…if we have any readers from Coventry they may refuse to return after reading this.

He who would see England’s future should be separated for a while from the better parts of London and sent (literally, not metaphorically) to Coventry. There, amid the hideous and dilapidating buildings of a failed modernism, he will see precincts with half the shops boarded up, where youths in hoodies skateboard all day along the walkways, the prematurely aged, fat and crippled unemployed occupy themselves in the search for cheap imported junk in such shops as remain open, and the lurkers, muggers and dealers wait for nightfall.

And there is another place we can add to the list of Dalrymple’s travels (and it is one I don’t think I have even heard of), Dagestan.

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