Without Prejudice

The Spring 2012 issue of The Salisbury Review is now available, and it includes a Dalrymple piece on the need for some people to believe in the power of racism. Actually, and thankfully, history shows that racism in Britain can be overcome:

There is evidence that prejudice is not all that it is cracked up to be. Unusually, and very interestingly, the Guardian published not long ago a breakdown of household wealth, not by class or region, but by religious affiliation. Jews were the richest religious group, and were followed by – Sikhs.

This finding utterly destroys the anti-racists’ outlook, for the history of both groups is similar: on arrival they encountered considerable prejudice against them, but nevertheless flourished. The conditions that made this possible were because there was no legal impediment to their progress; the prejudice against them, while it existed, was not universal or overwhelming; and that they had the right attitudes to the family, educational and economic life. Apart from not actively standing in their way, and providing the rule of law, the state did nothing positive to help them qua communities.

You can buy and download the new issue here for a minimal fee. (Hat tip to Gavin and Andrew)

2 thoughts on “Without Prejudice

  1. Louise the monomaniac

    ‘This finding utterly destroys the anti-racists’ outlook’

    Well, not really, because for this to happen all ‘anti racists’ would all have identical outllooks.

    And economic success is not the only virtue in the world.

    The most virtuous people I have known are Catholic nuns who have taken vows of poverty. (Dalrymple has once asserted that Catholic nuns are among the most virtuous people he has known.)

  2. Jaxon

    “they had the right attitudes to the family, educational and economic life”

    And there’s a recipe for anti-semitism, if you’re a certain type… people who subscribe to moral relativism for instance. What an incovenient comparison.


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