Doctors should not vote for industrial action

Dalrymple again takes to the pages of the Social Affairs Unit, this time to criticize the British Medical Association’s consideration of what we in the US would call a work stoppage or work slowdown as a means of preventing the government from reducing doctors’ pensions:

…I find the argument put forward by the British Medical Association, that there is no need to change because the NHS Pension Scheme is currently “in surplus” not altogether a convincing one. It decidedly does not mean that the scheme is quietly building up its assets or investments so that they may pay dividends later to retired doctors….it is a very large pyramid scheme; and all that a surplus means is that it is currently able to meet its obligations with something to spare. Mr Madoff could have said the same for many years: that, after all, was how he made (if made is quite the word I seek) his money for many years.

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