The Ugly Brutishness of Modern Britain

Dalrymple had an Op-Ed in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal (h/t: Joel U.) on incivility in modern Britain and its “militant or ideological edge”:

Even middle-class people now behave in an increasingly uncouth and rough fashion in Britain because they think that by doing so they are expressing their solidarity with the lower reaches of their society. Imitation, they think, is the highest form of sympathy. This, of course, is an implicit insult to many of the poor, for poverty and unmannerliness are by no means the same thing.

Read the piece and its 183 comments (some of which are not filled with outrage) here.

3 thoughts on “The Ugly Brutishness of Modern Britain

  1. Jaxon

    I’ve not read the article, but most of the comments. I find the ‘was ever thus’ mentality never ceases to amaze me.


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