That holiday home in France just got costlier

In the Telegraph, Dalrymple discusses Francois Hollande’s proposal to increase taxes on “foreign-owned second houses”:

Mr Hollande’s proposals regarding such properties are entirely consistent with his programme, which is to decrease the French budget deficit without reducing the number of his core constituents, the public sector workers. His political calculation is sound, since 75 per cent of French students would like to be civil servants. And on his own admission he does not like the rich, presumably as defined in the normal way by haters of the rich; that is to say, those with more money than they.

Dalrymple says it will probably work too, since most Britons (at least) do not move to France for low taxes but “to avoid their fellow countrymen, especially the younger ones”.

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One thought on “That holiday home in France just got costlier

  1. Louise

    Or to a avoid the damage wrought by his own generation.

    I actually know people who have moved to France to avoid Perfidious Albion’s power mad psychiatrists.


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