Weak doctors leave prisoners hooked on prescription drugs

Thank you to readers Dominic B. and Michael P. for sending us a short Dalrymple piece that appeared last Thursday behind the paywall of the Times. Without a subscription, we can not provide a link.
Once again, the headline does not exactly capture Dalrymple’s point, which is that drug abuse in prison (and not necessarily addiction) results from prison doctors who give in to prisoners’ demands for drugs they don’t need:

In the modern world, compassion easily slides into sentimentality and moral cowardice. Doctors like to think that their prisoners are telling the truth. Prisoners are often not like that; but inexperienced and weak doctors are reluctant to recognise it or be “judgmental”, the worst moral failing in the modern world. And so it is Goldilocks against Genghis Kahn.

2 thoughts on “Weak doctors leave prisoners hooked on prescription drugs

  1. Josef

    I was actually able to read the entire article via iPad app for free. FYI. Probably free to all who can download the mobile version. Copying functionality is disabled however, or I would have included it in my comment.


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