A disgruntled carer

Dalrymple introduces another undeservedly forgotten writer in this British Medical Journal column (subscription required):

Literary fame—like every kind I suppose—is not necessarily proportional to the worth of the work, and therefore the name of Elizabeth Berridge (1919-2009) is not as widely known as it might be. Observing the small change of life with minute attention, and extracting from it all its significance in prose of exemplary precision, she combined dispassion with compassion, while avoiding cynicism and sentimentality.

One thought on “A disgruntled carer

  1. Neunder

    I just noticed a Salisbury Review article, Conservative Classic: Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer, pp. 25-6 in the Winter 2012 issue, written by Daniels, has been overlooked. Both Hoffer’s book, and this review by Daniels, are a good read.


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