The UK’s Policy of Truth v. Existential Failure

Dalrymple writes at the Library of Law and Liberty about the recent outrageous decision by an English town council, controlled by the Labor Party, to remove foster-children from the home of a couple because the couple was found to be members of the United Kingdom Independence Party:

The opinions to which Rotherham’s incipient political police objected were the following: UKIP wants the United Kingdom to recover its national sovereignty by withdrawing altogether from the European Union, and also wants much firmer restrictions on immigration. It is far from certain that the majority of the population does not agree with it on both counts; but in effect, the decision of Rotherham Council is indicative of a will to place both questions beyond the range of permissible political discussion, at least if you want a licence to do anything (and increasingly, such licences are needed). You can have any opinion you like, so long as it is ours.

Read the full piece here

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