Merry Evolution and a Happy New Species

Dalrymple the atheist has no problem saying Merry Christmas. So what’s with all this Happy Holidays nonsense?

Whose intolerance, exactly, is being appeased by the wretched locution? Not that of the religious: in the town in which I live, the Moslem-owned Indian restaurants are festooned with Christmas decorations, and the staff hand round little presents to the regular customers and wish them a Merry Christmas. The notion that every person with the slightest religious faith is a fanatic waiting to explode with rage at the first  indication that someone else has a different tradition or believes something different from him is absurd.

Read the rest at The Hilarious Pessimist, courtesy of The Salisbury Review

2 thoughts on “Merry Evolution and a Happy New Species

  1. Mary

    He thought it was atheists. In my experience it tends to be selectively tender-hearted leftists who enjoy being arrogant bullies while trampling down others as “insenstive.”


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