4 thoughts on “Disdain of the Past

  1. TMay

    Very interesting talk. Just this evening I came across an article on California architecture that the California Public Utilities Commission will require by the year 2020 ZNE zero net energy buildings for all new residential construction in California. It is ugly. You can see a photo at
    http://www.metalsales.us.com/images/West_Village_0410a.jpg of West Village Student Housing at UC Davis. This requirement as for Smart Meters is to “save the planet” from “global warming” aka “climate change”. On top of this in my town they are changing the bulbs of utilitarian street lamps from warm yellow bulbs to white LED bulbs which hurt your eyes, create dark shadows and suck the life out of the scene. Mr Dalrymple used the words “equality of ugliness” however I would like to point out that the street leading towards the university has antique black street lamps that would fit well in a set for “My Fair Lady’ and the campus also has charming street lamps. Therefore as in Animal Farm, all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Ugliness is prescribed for everyone except for the university elite, or as Michael Savage a conservative on radio would call them, the Mandarins.

  2. Ellen Jolly

    As a native of and refugee from Preston, a town utterly destroyed by 60s and 70s town planners, and with the ugliest and least practical bus station in the known universe, I know whereof he speaks.


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