Our Uncivil Service

On his Hilarious Pessimist blog Dalrymple responds to this letter accompanying his renewed parking permit:

The permit must be displayed so that all the details can be seen clearly when inspected from the outside. Failure to do so could result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued for non display.

No niceties such as ‘Please display the permit so that, etc., etc…, because you might be given a ticket if you do not.’ Why bother with verbal chivalry when you don’t have to, and when it might in any case mislead people about the real power relations between them and the council?

H/t Teddy M.

One thought on “Our Uncivil Service

  1. Ellen Jolly

    The increasing use of the passive voice reflects the growth of the faceless State. The State never shrinks (given the choice) and always grows,like a cancer. I cite as a depressing example, the decision to appoint another NHS Tzar (and accompanying department) to oversee the failed overseers of the failed overseers.


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