Pistorius’ Public Relatives

I knew Dalrymple would weigh in on the Oscar Pistorius affair at some point , and he has, in the wonderful Salisbury Review, though we are rather late in sharing his thoughts with you:
I am not much good at idolatry. I regard Nelson Mandela as less than a god, though I can see his merits such as dignity, old age and a talent for conciliation. Neither have I been carried away by Oscar Pistorius, said to be the second most admired South African, perhaps because I place athletic prowess rather low on the scale of human accomplishment. In my heart of hearts I even find the adulation accorded him bizarre, tasteless, dishonest and emotionally kitsch: but one is not allowed to say so. 
I nevertheless found the reports of his appearance in court on a charge of having murdered his girlfriend fascinating, more for what they told us about ourselves and our society than for what they told us about him.
Read on to see what he finds fascinating about it.

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