The Admirable Criterion

We missed this piece from Standpoint from last September. We might ordinarily shrug it off, but this is a review by Dalrymple of a new book by Roger Kimball, the Editor and Publisher of the New Criterion, the Publisher of Encounter Books and an art critic and social commentator. Kimball has the respect of so many of us that this brief piece provides us a real pleasure. Says Dalrymple:

Kimball’s viewpoint-which I freely admit is mine-is that there are constants in human existence which it is vain and indeed dangerous to deny, and that the task of culture is to examine the present with an eye to the eternal. Good cultural criticism, therefore, will remain of interest and value long after it was written, and I suspect that in a hundred years or more Kimball will unexpectedly delight someone as much as Bagehot or Birrell have delighted me.

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