A Striking Epidemic

After noting here that UN peacekeeping troops introduced cholera into Haiti, resulting in the deaths of 8,000 people, Dalrymple adds:

One would expect nothing else from an organisation born with original virtue. I am always intensely irritated when I fly on a certain airline that insists on collecting coins for UNICEF from its passengers as if it were thereby doing God’s work (the announcement of the collection over the public address system is always odiously self-satisfied).

UNICEF, in fact, is the organisation responsible for the largest mass poisoning in the whole of human history. It sunk thousands of wells in Bangladesh and now millions of poor Bangladeshis are suffering from chronic arsenic poison from the well-water. (It was Bangladeshi peacekeeping troops, according to the NEJM, who brought cholera to Haiti. Import your arsenic poisoning, export your cholera!).

It gets better (meaning, of course, worse). Read on to learn why the UNHCR was on strike when he tried to visit cholera-stricken refugee camps in Somalia.

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