Kenneth Minogue’s The Liberal Mind at 50

At the Library of Law and Liberty, Dalrymple revisits a political classic 50 years after its publication:

The liberal mind, as anatomized by Minogue, acknowledges no limits and accepts no human suffering as being consequent upon the inherent limitations of human existence. It denies that perfection is not of this world because it believes that no other world exists in which perfection might be possible…

No consideration of or reflection on the incompatible and contradictory desires that constantly arise within the human breast because of man’s very nature deters or discourages the liberal mind from its pursuit of perfection. The liberal mind is like the Émile Coué of political philosophy: Every day, in every way, I’m feeling better and better. What the Émile Coué approach to existence failed to explain, much less accept and prepare for, was the death of so many people, everyone in fact.

And yet, Dalrymple goes on, we have all embraced some aspects of the liberal mind. The problem is knowing where to stop.

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