Dalrymple testifies in Coventry murder trial

The Coventry Telegraph quoted Dalrymple’s testimony as an expert witness in this article in yesterday’s edition:

“He was a jealous man, who had shown anti-social behaviour and domestic violence in the past. On this night he had seen Miss O’Connor socialising with other people, which provoked jealousy.

“My conclusion is that he was not suffering from depression or schizophrenia at the time of the killing.”

Today’s paper reports here on the testimony of the accused:

“We had a little argument outside and it continued when we got back to Claire’s house. She went straight to her bedroom, undressed and got into bed. I did the same. We carried on arguing and then I heard voices in my head telling me to shut her up.

“They were shouting at me and telling me to strangle her. I did it. I put my hands around her neck.”

Mann then demonstrated to the jury how he used his hands to grip Miss O’Connor’s neck and said that the voices told him to put a pillow over her face.

“I struck her twice to the neck with my fist. The voices told me to finish her off. I knew she had died. The voices were laughing at me and told me to get rid of her body.”

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