What Is the Safest Day of the Week For Surgery?

Believe it or not, there is such a day: Monday. Dalrymple writes at Pajamas Media about a new study that shows that death rates are higher for surgeries performed later in the week. In fact, the results of the study show that “the death rate increased steadily as the week progressed”.

The reason? “Perhaps hospital staff, especially surgeons and nurses, grow steadily more tired or careless as the week progresses.”

2 thoughts on “What Is the Safest Day of the Week For Surgery?

  1. Tony Hitch

    There is no “believe it or not” here. This is old research, published in newspapers and journals from years ago. It is totally correct (how can it not be, it is just statistic – no analysis from the clouded spectacles of the Skepticaldoctor required….) While you’re in the vicinity, try comparing length of stay, re-admissions, surgery error (leaving some equipment or a swab in the surgery maybe?), infection rates…….

    If you buy a car and it is a good one then it is called a Tuesday or a Wednesday car. Monday, workers are all to busy thinking of the weekend still. Tuesday afternoon they come right. Wednesday morning they do their best work, Thursday and Friday are just slides into the weekend.

    This is an automotive term that actually carried some weight until the robot took over so much of car production. Why should it be any different just because people are working on other humans, not cars?

    By the way – My car is a Wednesday lunchtime special. Whomever put that engine together deserves extra donuts at lunchtime.

    1. Steve Post author

      The phrase “believe it or not” implies that the fact might be surprising to many people, not that it is not a fact. Congratulations on your Wednesday car.


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