Mubarak – Whose grinning now?

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak must be laughing right now, says Dalrymple at his Hilarious Pessimist blog. Morsi’s democratic mandate sure didn’t last long:

Ex-president Morsi believed he was legitimate because he had more votes than his opponent, but this is a very crude way of defining legitimacy. On such a view, a legitimately elected leader can do anything he pleases provided only that carries majority opinion with him at election time. This is the royal road to electoral dictatorship.

4 thoughts on “Mubarak – Whose grinning now?

  1. Jaxon

    I don’t know, maybe I’m guilty of something like the ‘Sharia impulse’ but when I’ve seen footage of demonstrations in Egypt and Turkey I see what I call the Louis Vuitton girls, sexy with shades… And I can’t help thinking that’s surely going to go down rather badly with a very significant proportion of ‘voters’.

    I recently saw a newspaper headline, something about a man shooting his family and turning the gun on himself, in a luxury Spanish villa. Something about debt. My gut response, along with the sense of how ghastly it is, was that he got into debt mainly because he spent most of his life faking his eligibility to a woman, or more probably a series of women. They, women in particular, might read Jane Austen and recognise Mary Crawford as basically bad news but when it comes down to it so many make her look almost innocent by comparison.

    1. Jaxon

      For the record in case there could be any doubt, I think Sharia, what I understand of it, is repugnant. When I saw recent footage of Tommy Robinson saying that there are Sharia law courts in England I was expecting him to be jumped on, more so than usual, for pedalling sinister, provocative lies.

      Maybe I need to do some research and not rely on Pat Condell as the last word on the matter but the idea that there are indeed such official ‘leagal’ entities in Britain is surely a very serious betrayal of sovereignty.

      I know “we’ll, have you been these years?” I confess I’ve somewhat ignorant on the matter, hate preachers in Mosques is one thing but this Sharia business seems to me a whole new level. Apparently not even that new.

      Moreover, when I think of ‘Erdogan’s Majority Rule’ again I’m somewhat ignorant but I seriously don’t think that all, or even surely the majority, of people voting for Muslim leaders want to see the terrible excesses of Sharia unleashed in their country.

  2. Mike

    “Who’s grinning now” would be right. TD must be mortified at what the sub-editors do to him sometimes!


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