A Fool and his Core Principles

Dalrymple has read the report of the Leveson Inquiry into the British press’s phone hacking, and has a different reaction than most:

Perhaps it is a sign of levity, or of what the French call a professional deformation, but the first thing to strike me about the Leveson Report was how badly it was written: an irony, no doubt, in view of its subject…

I quote from the executive summary of the Leveson Report:

Before identifying the structure of the Report and the focus of my
recommendations, it is worth recognising the background to the
world in which the press are presently operating. This is relevant
across the Inquiry and not solely to one aspect of the areas which I
have had to consider – the public, the police or the politicians –
which, in any event, cannot be considered in isolation. They inter-
relate so that resolution of them must work across all three while,
at the same time, addressing the other aspects on which the
Inquiry has had to focus.

Modern bureaucrats are forever identifying, inter-relating, working across, resolving and addressing; nevertheless, I have known more elegant circulars from the Department of Health.

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