Facebook executions are a freedom too far

Dalrymple responds in the Telegraph to Facebook’s decision to allow the posting of videos of beheadings:

So Facebook’s decision to permit, in effect, the universal dissemination of real beheadings to anyone with eyes to look at a screen is a contribution to the brutalisation of the world and ultimately a blow against the freedom of expression to which the company claims to be devoted. For where restraint does not come from within, eventually it must be imposed from without.

One thought on “Facebook executions are a freedom too far

  1. TMay

    The problem is that the distribution of such beheading films picks up recruits for Al Qaeda and Al-Shabab etc, and even recruits who could be lone wolves, as the surviving Tsarnaev said.

    I wonder if Facebook would allow a calendar of days to commemorate the anniversaries of victims of various jihads and various sexual jihads where the so called “religious” perverted sick fanatics lived out their dreams of terrifying and humiliating people and children and acted out their perverse fantasies of sadism before killing them depriving them not only of life but of a death with dignity.

    This is just a sampling.

    March 11 Madrid Spain
    April 15 Boston Marathon Bombing
    May 22 the British soldier carved up, Lee Rigby.
    June 30 Glasgow airport bombing
    July 7 London bombing
    Sept 1 Beslan sexual jihad at an elementary school in Russia
    Sept 11 NYC +
    Sept 23 Nairobi Kenya Mall terrorism
    Oct 12 Bali
    Oct 23 Moscow Theater
    Nov 26 Mumbai sexual jihad
    Dec 21 Lockerbie bombing

    That’s just a few. There were several major ones in Russia!

    Rules would have to be set up so that the professional spin doctors of the Leftist/ anti-Semitic/ Palestinian/ Hamas/ Hezbollah bully/victims don’t over take it with their version of reality, blaming all ills on Israel.

    One would want to limit it to the events that for whatever reason remained memorable over and above the less notorious events; and Pres Obama should not have veto power to name whether some event was terrorist or not because his interest is political which is different from truth.

    Events where Jews and Israelis were victims should probably be its own page because there are so many of them, however in cases like Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg where they were both American and Jewish or Israeli, they can be in both categories.

    IMHO it should be limited to acts where the perps were members of Radical Islam, and should be in response to Facebook’s decision to allow postings of videos of beheadings.

    It would have to be outgoing only, because people would want to post hateful messages and that would get the page kicked off.

    One would have to figure out whether to limit it to terrorism or include when in certain countries the government or the political party or the religious clerics decided to do ethnic cleansing, purging, or land grabs, and terrorize people as a means to an end or use their laws as terrorism, persecuting one person to terrorize the group.

    The purpose would be to remember the victims, killed or maimed, and not giving infamy to the perps, therefore the names of the terrorists should not be used.


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