Is Living Near an Airport Dangerous for Your Health?

From Pajamas Media:

Considering the awfulness of noise as a destroyer of quality of life, its effects on health have been comparatively little studied. Some time ago, however, it was discovered that those living near a major airport, Schiphol in Amsterdam, and subjected to aircraft noise had higher blood pressure than those who lived in its absence. Two papers in a recent edition of the British Medical Journal, one from Britain and one from America, confirm and extend this observation.

One thought on “Is Living Near an Airport Dangerous for Your Health?

  1. TMay

    You asked whether living near an airport is bad for your health. My immediate thought was probably yes due to the pollution. Then I read what you wrote and you mentioned noise causing high blood pressure. It turns out that not only does pollution cause cancer, but it also causes high blood pressure so I would not assume that it was the noise that caused the high blood pressure; plus car exhaust has the same effect and most airports have highways leading to the airports.


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