Grog Blossoms

Attending an art exhibition in Paris, Dalrymple is even more interested in the visitor comments book than in the art itself. One in particular catches his eye, as being…

…an implicit manifestation of the ideological temptation in art criticism. If a work of art expresses some idea or attitude to life of which we approve, or alternatively some idea or attitude to life of which our enemies disapprove, then it must be good.

Does everything have to be political?

One thought on “Grog Blossoms

  1. james barker

    Thank god someone is being forthright about the awefulness of some classical painting. Moving on some timeago I picked up on the excesdive use of the word good in every day convetsation its a real downer. Why on gods good earth does every phrase uttered need the moral underscore of approval? Recently rediscovered victor pasmore his works are good yes really good I love them whats so good about them is that they allude to no moral core .they are good because they suit me and give me life and pleasure.the light inside me his been switched on to reveal a new yet familiar landscape and im full of joy.who needs the good bad duality to cramp and diminish great art?


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