Mark Duggan inquest: angry relatives are a threat to justice

We haven’t received much news here in the United States of the Mark Duggan controversy, but it sounds similar to other cases we’ve seen here. A young minority with a history of violence is killed by police, and his family and community members protest, saying his death was unjustified and attributing it to police racism. I don’t remember Dalrymple writing about this case before, but he now has a piece at the Telegraph on the recent actions of Duggan’s family and supporters:

The scenes at the Mark Duggan inquest, in which supporters of the deceased threatened the jurors with violence, were the predictable outcome of a decreasing public appreciation that courts are supposed to dispense impersonal justice, not group psychotherapy by means of the ventilation of feelings. Such feelings are not their own justification. Even when they are justified, we should keep them under control.

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