Who Will Hire the Hangman?

Writing at Taki Mag, Dalrymple explains the real reason some people want euthanasia:

In the absence of religious belief, of any assurance that life has a transcendent meaning beyond itself, man feels the need to be in control of everything. Control and power become the meaning of life. That is one of the reasons that paranoia—the feeling that everything that happens must be somebody’s fault, the search for someone to blame—does not decline with the supposed advance of reason. We want to feel that everything, good or bad, depends on us.

That is why the existential limit of life—death—seems an affront to him and must be brought under not merely technical, but bureaucratic control. The very procedure of euthanasia—the forms to fill in, the legal safeguards—gives us the comforting illusion that death is voluntary and that we are, or can be, infinitely Promethean.

One thought on “Who Will Hire the Hangman?

  1. Michael Neal

    Dear Friends,
    Further on ‘Who will Hire the Hangman’…
    A handy book to read just now – for those of you who read French is Klaudia Schank & Michel Schooyans EUTHANASIE : LE DOSSIER BINDING & HOCHE (Published by Editions Sarment in 2002)
    which contains a translation of the Great Junk Masterpiece from 1920 DIE FREGABE DER VERNICHTUNG LEBENSUNWERTEN LEBENS. IHR MASS UN IHRE FORM.
    Signed Booklover


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