A Freak Show Called Generosity

With Oscar Pistorius’s trial now underway, Dalrymple gives some thought to Pistorius’s field of work. While praising the effort and determination of Paralympians, Dalrymple finds the events themselves distaseful, but that’s not all:

I dislike even more the attempt to drum the population up into enthusiasm for the Paralympics. To me it smacks of quasi-totalitarian propaganda. An atmosphere has been created in which to admit that one finds the spectacle distasteful is to be guilty of a hate crime, an accusation that nowadays can be hurled at almost anyone who wants to preserve public taste and decorum. The spectacle itself seems to me designed to allow one the illicit pleasure of the freak show while enjoying self-congratulation at one’s own generosity of spirit. I prefer less ostentatious, less orchestrated demonstrations of human decency.

Read the whole piece at Taki’s Magazine

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