A More Sinister Equality

Dalrymple writes again on the dangers of the idea of equality of opportunity, which seems to be embraced by a growing number of those on the political Left. It sounds innocuous, but its implications are troubling:

Those who believe in equality of opportunity must want, if they take the idea seriously, to make the world not only just but fair. Genetic and family influences on the fate of people have to be eliminated, because they undoubtedly affect opportunities and make them unequal. Ugly people cannot be models; the deformed cannot be professional footballers; the retarded cannot be astrophysicists; the small of stature cannot be heavyweight boxers; I don’t think I have to prolong this list, as everyone can think of a thousand examples for himself.

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2 thoughts on “A More Sinister Equality

  1. Tdk

    Actually the left has moved beyond equality of opportunity and now believes in equality of outcomes. Any disparity is regarded as defacto proof of discrimination. Moreover, those who would defend equality of opportunity are regarded as reactionaries.


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