When Noblesse Obliged

TD is no monarchist, but he notices something admirable about three European emperors who survived (initial) assassination attempts: They didn’t mind putting themselves in harm’s way to comfort the wounded.

Could one imagine three contemporary democratic politicians reacting in this way after a failed assassination attempt? The three monarchs and monarchs-in-waiting reacted in an immediate, spontaneous, and human manner, noblesse no doubt obliging; modern politicians, if they visited the wounded, would be thinking mainly of the photo ops. Modern politicians cannot say, let alone do, anything without first thinking of the opinion polls and the next elections.

Read the entire piece at Taki’s Magazine

2 thoughts on “When Noblesse Obliged

    1. Steve Post author

      Sorry, I’ve looked but can’t find anything, Gavin. I seem to remember him saying (in one of his Manhattan Institute speeches, I think) that the cat of universal suffrage is already out of the bag, so to speak.


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