A Fail-Safe Investment

Writing at Taki’s Magazine, Dalrymple outlines his funeral wishes and in the process makes a few statements that I can assure you are mistaken:

My problem with my own funeral is not how to pay for it: I will leave enough for even quite a grand affair, should anyone wish it. My problem, rather, is this: that if I were to die after my wife there would be no one to arrange it, and quite possibly no one to attend it either. Relatives are the great mainstays of funerals, and I have none within reasonable distance of wherever I am likely to die. As to my friends, they are scattered and lead busy lives; they probably won’t hear of my death for days or weeks after the date of my funeral, if any, has passed. This doesn’t worry me much: I don’t regard a large attendance at a funeral as young people regard large numbers of friends on Facebook, as the sign of a successful life.

We are awfully slow keeping up with Dalrymple on this blog, but I can assure you that if we are still running it when he dies, our readers at least will not have to wait long to hear the tragic news, nor would they allow him to go without a dignified and proper burial. But why worry about an event so far in the future? We likely have thousands more pieces to post before then.

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