Electroconvulsive therapy by radio

We’ve just realized that we’ve been overlooking Dalrymple’s blog posts at the Salisbury Review since last October. They are no longer posted on the separate “Hilarious Pessimist” page but directly on the website’s front page. Our apologies.

His latest post muses on the unique voice of the radio DJ:

It is strange how the purveyors of radiophonic drivel around the world have precisely the same intonation; there is something relentlessly bright and facetiously emphatic about it. Even in a country of whose language you speak not a word, you can recognise it and know that the speaker is talking to create a mood or fill a vacuum rather than convey a meaning.

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4 thoughts on “Electroconvulsive therapy by radio

  1. JKE

    Just today I told the postal worker how refreshing it was not, for once, to be sonically assaulted with rock music in the post office.

    1. Steve Post author

      Only after having it pointed out to me did I realize how ubiquitous such music is. I suppose some people must enjoy it, but how many?

  2. Dom

    I listen to Absolute Radio in my car to and from work and quite like it. Admittedly that’s only 30 to 40 minutes per day. I’ve always thought one of the worst aspects of working in retail (in addition to the low pay and long hours) is having to deal with constant background sound of pop music, even though I’m a cultural barbarian who likes a little low-brow entertainment. A daily dose of frivolity doesn’t hurt…

  3. Michiel (NL)

    Theodore Dalrymple is called Tony on the Salisbury Review site. This is quite ironic, because Dalrymple criticizes Anthony Blair for calling himself Tony.


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