Through a Glass, Dishonestly

After the recent Islamic terror attack on a beach in Tunisia that left 38 people dead, British Prime Minister David Cameron said something we Americans have heard President Obama say repeatedly: that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam. Dalrymple says to think about it this way:

Supposing that, after the attack on the church in South Carolina by Dylann Roof, someone had said, “This had nothing to do with real racism; real racists are peace-loving people who would never dream of such an attack. All they want is a peaceful world in which whites rule and blacks know their place as racial dhimmis.” What would we think of such a person? What would we think of the implication that, even were it not for his racist ideology, Dylann Roof would still have attacked the church and killed nine people? It is indeed the case that most racists do not attack black churches—otherwise, such attacks would be far more numerous than they are. But to say that Dylann Roof was not motivated by his racism would be absurd.

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One thought on “Through a Glass, Dishonestly

  1. JimmyGiro

    “Of course it is true that most Muslims are peaceful and want to get on with their lives; the same is true of almost everyone, including Marxists.”

    This is probably true; but if any cult is misrepresented by an outrage, acted upon in the name of that cult, then it is in the interest of the majority of the cult to condemn such actions; especially as any cult worth its image, is a collective form of Narcissism.

    For example, I have never met a feminist prepared to acknowledge the fact that most children abused by Ritalin, are boys. Yet these same feminists demand that a girl plied with Rohypnol, be classed as a rape victim, regardless of whether they are raped or not.

    The fact that any cult worth its salt, will complain at the slightest real or perceived insult against them, yet remain dumb at their own transgressions committed in their cause by a ‘sub group’ of their cult, is sufficient to damn them for faint protest.


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