Is a Cannabinoid as Sweet by Any Other Name?

Why are synthetic cannabinoids becoming more popular? What is their attraction? For a clue, let’s start with their names:

Some are merely antinomian: Voodoo Gold or Damnation, names to attract suburban Satanists. Others, such as Pandora’s Box, suggest the release of one’s inner demons, or perhaps of one’s talents and abilities… Space Cadet suggests either the exploration of that vast vacuum known as one’s inner space, or being spaced out.

But the names that most caught my attention were Exodus and Annihilation. From what captivity were the consumers of Exodus seeking escape? Who was their Moses (or their Charlton Heston)? To what Promised Land were they going to be led by this noid?

Perhaps the answer is to the land of Annihilation.

Read the whole piece at Dalrymple’s Psychology Today blog

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