How Dangerous is Synthetic Cannabis?

Probably very, is the answer. But as usual with Dalrymple’s Pajamas Media columns, the most quotable part is the introduction:

Man is a creature that likes to change his mental state, even if it is for the worse. It is the change that he seeks, not the end result; Nirvana for him is a constantly fluctuating or dramatic state of mind. This, for obvious reasons, is particularly so for the bored and dissatisfied. In the prison in which I worked, for example, the prisoners would take any pills that they happened to find in the hope that they would have some — any — effect on their mental state, irrespective of the dangers that might be involved in producing it.

3 thoughts on “How Dangerous is Synthetic Cannabis?

  1. Horne Fisher

    I hope it’s not too trivial to point out that the company name of the site you link in this post to has, for some time, been “PJ Media” rather “Pajamas Media”. Given the current negative connotations of pajama-wearing, it may be advisable to observe the change.

    1. Clinton Post author

      OK, thanks. We’ll change it when we get a chance.

      I’m not sure what negative connotations you’re referring to, but did you know that it was originally called Pajamas Media, as a sarcastic response to some leftist establishment media type who denigrated bloggers as pajama-wearing nobodies writing from their couches?


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