The English show their sense of justice

Activate sarcasm detectors:

Facebook and the internet are certainly bringing the intrinsic decency and sense of fair play of the British into prominence, as well as their refined use of language.

To be fair, I think the behavior referenced is ubiquitous, leading to the question:

Did people have lovely sentiments such as the above before Facebook enabled them to be expressed anonymously in public, or did the possibility of expressing them in public anonymously call them forth?

One thought on “The English show their sense of justice

  1. michael savell

    It’s a shame but the british seem to have given up on what used to be regarded as fair play.
    Nobody has the patience to wait for a guilty verdict anymore.Why hanging,drawing and quartering hasn’t made a come back is a mystery.The reason is probably due to social networks which
    need an answer fired off immediately rather than be thought over but still doesn’t say a lot for
    the modern man.Women have the excuse that it is the way they feel that counts.Perhaps men are
    mimicking them as in “why can’t a man be more like a women”–well,they are now.


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