Europe’s Bloodless Universalism

This piece on the Library of Law and Liberty blog is an excellent look at Molenbeek, Belgium (the center of Islamic terrorism in Europe) and the prevailing ideology there and throughout Europe that has made the continent so vulnerable to Islamism:

A striking thing about the immigration debate before the massacres of November 13 was the almost complete absence of references, at least by the “respectable” politicians, to the national interest of the various countries. The debate was couched in Kantian moral terms….Europe has nothing equivalent to national interest, and if it did, it would have no way of acting on it. A kind of bloodless universalism has rushed in to fill the vacuum, whose consequences are now visible to all. The first thing President Hollande tried to do after the attacks was close the borders; he now talks (understandably, of course) of national security. He talks also of defeating ISIS militarily, but France, along with all of the other European countries, has run down its armed forces in the name of the social security that paid for at least some of the terrorists.

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