Against the Law

After the Paris attacks Francois Hollande proposed removing French citizenship from those of dual nationality convicted of terrorists acts, but his own Socialist Party supporters soon reversed themselves and opposed this change. Why?

Behind the high-minded arguments of the opponents of the law one espies rather narrower and more genuine electoral considerations. The opponents of the law are not philosophers, they are politicians, and the fact is that 80 percent of Muslims in France vote for the president’s Socialist Party. The opponents no doubt fear that if they support the law they in turn will lose the support of a significant number of voters, possibly a decisive number. Those voters will either abstain or find another political formation more sympathetic to their views.

This, I surmise, is how the parliamentary opponents of the proposed law think. But if I am right, it shows that they are the true Islamophobes, to turn on them their own term of abuse of opponents: For why should Muslims in France object to the law unless they were sympathetic to the terrorists who risked having their nationality withdrawn?

4 thoughts on “Against the Law

  1. Mary

    Huh. Exactly why is it limited to dual-citizenship cases? Surely waging war against your country entitles loss of your citizenship under any circumstances whatsoever.

  2. Mariana

    Lefties hope all Muslims are terrorists or or at least sympathisers, as they orchestrate the destruction of European civilisation with the degeneration of the working classes into an entitled, lazy, self-indulgent rabble. Otherwise, how can they be pro-gay and pro-Muslim at the same time??
    Why did they allow so many Mulsims, criminals, welfare addicts settle in all these countries ??? I did not notice any popular “let’s have more mullahs” movement in any countries. Nobody took to the streets clamouring for Muslims to settle in their midst or for gay marriage to be legal or preferential benefits to be given to single parents or sex education to be taught in schools. The people who were for all these things were very small in numbers and had their own deviant and subversive agendas. To top it all, drug usage and trade is virtually unpunished although it could be easily rooted out. Many years ago, I did not believe in conspiracy theories……

    1. Clinton Post author

      Personally, I think the answer to all your questions is: because they are driven by an irrational sense of guilt which causes them to automatically support any group they perceive to be in opposition to their own society.


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