Equalities: The King Herod Solution

Surely, one salient fact about the modern world is the proportion of do-gooders for whom everything is a problem to be “addressed”. Dalrymple provides one example in his blog at Salisbury Review:

Awful, terrible news! I noticed a small item in last week’s British Medical Journal that once again revealed the cruel and callous nature of patriarchy. Under the headline Fall in Death Rate we learn that ‘Between 2009 and 2015 deaths from leukaemia in children have fallen by 38 per cent in boys and 20 per cent in girls.’

If this inequality of improvement is truly a problem, says Dalrymple, the solution is obvious: deny life-saving treatment to boys.

One thought on “Equalities: The King Herod Solution

  1. Colin Green

    Amusing, but in fairness I can’t see anything in the item in question – a simple, and possibly not fully informative, statistic – which suggests that the inequality is a problem to be addressed. That seems to be a gloss introduced by TD in order to make some satirical comments which Clearly don’t correspond with anyone’s actual views. His own sleights of hand can be as skilful as those he takes to task for doing exactly the same thing.


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