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I’ve just realized that we’ve missed several articles by Dalrymple in the Spectator. His most recent piece there is a short diary of musings about his just-completed speaking tour of Australia, in which, I was surprised to read, he says that he regularly turns down offers of appearances on British television:

I am plunged into a round of appearances in the media. In England I refuse invitations to go on television by claiming subsequent engagements, or by telling them that in my opinion television is one of the great curses of the last century — which in part, I believe. This generally puts producers off, though not before they tell me that they agree with me. But in my role as a visiting scholar for the Centre for Independent Studies, I am pressganged into my press duties. Still jet-lagged, and with my head feeling as if it were full of lead shot, I find myself in the absurd position of having to give an opinion on the Government’s proposal that the states of Australia should have charge of their own income tax.

Anyway, it’s comforting to know that Dalrymple still writes occasionally for the journal that gave him his start as a writer. Rather than post all of these missed pieces individually, I will just list them here.

24 Oct 2015: Notes on Notes

18 Feb 2016: How references became meaningless in our culture of mistrust

5 Mar 2016: British expats in the EU fear a stronger euro far more than they fear Brexit

26 Mar 2016: Why Britain (and Europe) depends on migrants

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