When Pascal Parked His Porsche

Libertarians and free marketers are relatively relentless in their criticisms of labor regulations as actually hurting the middle and lower classes, so it seems almost fitting that the owner of the Porsche burned by defenders of such regulations in Nantes, France turns out to have been a humble electrician.

“On Twitter I saw that it was called a boss’s car, though I am only a worker,” Pascal told Le Figaro. The article noted that support for him quickly sprung up on social media under the rubric, “I am Porsche.” What Pascal and his defenders said is interesting though not entirely reassuring.

His comments implied that if indeed he had been a boss, which is to say a plutocrat, then the burning of his car would or at any rate might have been justified. This, in turn, implies that there is no such thing as justified or justifiable wealth: only if we had all the same incomes would the ownership of such a fine car be morally acceptable. Moreover, what applies to the ownership of fine cars would presumably apply to the ownership of everything else.

2 thoughts on “When Pascal Parked His Porsche

  1. Mariana Bell

    …of course he is a worker, “les bobos” would never have anything as vulgar as a Porsche.


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