Brexit: he who lives by direct democracy dies by direct democracy

Dalrymple has a piece at The Australian that takes a dim view of the situation in Britain after the Brexit vote:

What we have now got is the worst of all possible worlds, a mad and intemperate quasi-democratic way of deciding a question of profound importance with a strong temptation by an elite persuaded of its own ineffable wisdom and transcendent right to rule the country to annul the result because it doesn’t like it.

All votes are equal, but some votes are more equal that others. If the results are annulled, however, as they very well may be, many of those who voted for exit will feel even more despised and sidelined than they do already. Many no doubt will decline into apathy, but some may resort to direct action, meaning violence: for it is true that some of those who voted for the Brexit were motivated by the crudest resentments. Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

Read the whole piece here

2 thoughts on “Brexit: he who lives by direct democracy dies by direct democracy

    1. Clinton

      Hi. If you go to Google and search on the headline of the piece, you will find a link to it that is not behind a paywall. This is often true of such pieces, and I’ve never really understood why that is the case.


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