Rejecting Post-Political Europe

At the Library of Law and Liberty, Dalrymple notes that the quality of the Brexit debate was not particularly high, but that nothing compares for sheer stupidity to the comments of France’s Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron:

What did the referendum (which had not yet taken place) mean for the minister?

For me, it expresses the desire for a more efficacious Europe, the end of an ultraliberal vision of Europe that the British themselves have brought.

This is misinterpretation on an astonishing, even an heroic, scale; only a man blinded by some kind of ideology or prejudice could even entertain it for even a moment. According to Macron, British discontent with the European Union – which, incidentally, is less pronounced than in some other member countries – is due to insufficient political and bureaucratic interference in economic and social life. There has never been a demonstration, at least in the west, with ‘Less freedom, more official regulation!’ as its slogan.

Read on, as the minister’s responses get better (meaning worse) from there.

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