Life, Or a Way of Life?

Dalrymple reports at City Journal that the city of Lille in France cancelled its annual flea market, typically attended by 2.5 million people, due to fears of terrorism. This is after they had boosted their security plans:

The cancellation is striking because it does not reflect a lack of effort: five times as many policemen as usual were to have been deployed; concrete barriers were erected around the market-stall area to prevent the entry of booby-trapped vehicles; police marksmen were to have stood on many of the surrounding rooftops; helicopters were to have kept the whole area under constant surveillance. But in the end, the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, once a contender for the leadership of the Socialist Party that now governs France, reluctantly concluded that it was not enough, that security could not be guaranteed.

Isn’t this one of the goals of terrorism, to force victims to alter their way of life by sowing fear? In short, are the terrorists winning?

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