Checking In With Liam

Apparently there are still people out there who care about the rock band Oasis and Liam Gallagher, so Gallagher was interviewed in the Sunday Times. In Taki’s Magazine Dalrymple offers this anecdote about his attendance at an Oasis concert in a journalistic role:

I asked the publicity staff for the Gallaghers whether they did not think it odd that they should hand out earplugs to reduce the volume of a musical act, which surely was something above all to be heard; but this was a world in which, while superficial defiance or insolence was de rigueur, irony was evidently in short supply.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out Gallagher is still the rude, self-centered jerk he has long been known as. But of most concern to Dalrymple is the following:

But by far the most depressing aspect of the interview is that The Sunday Times is directed at the upper 5 or 10 percent of the British population, by both education and income. Whether the editors have estimated the cultural interests of the readership correctly, I do not know; but if they have, the end of civilization, at least in Britain, is nigh.

2 thoughts on “Checking In With Liam

  1. Mariana Bell

    It’s true but it’s reversible; I dragged my tattooed, retired armed robber East End friend to the Wigmore Hall and he liked it!


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