Not a Nobel Man

I doubt anyone will be surprised at Dalrymple’s reaction to Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for literature:

When I heard the announcement, I thought it was a spoof. I thought, “Why not award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to a celebrity chef?” Poetry is made of words; Dylan wrote words. Food is made of chemicals; chefs mix chemicals.

…But I accept that tastes differ (though it must be remembered that humanity is more divided by taste than by anything else).

One thought on “Not a Nobel Man

  1. Ben

    A terrible selection from The Guardian. Perhaps these lines might be more congenial to Dalrymple’s parish, from Dylan’s song ‘My Back Pages’:

    “A self-ordained professor’s tongue
    Too serious to fool
    Spouted out that liberty
    Is just equality in school
    ‘Equality’, I spoke the word
    As if a wedding vow
    Ah, but I was so much older then
    I’m younger than that now.”


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