Self-Anointed v. Resentful

We have fallen somewhat behind again in posting Dalrymple’s work, and so this City Journal piece on the American presidential election, from before it occurred, may have been overtaken by events. But it is still interesting to hear the European perspective, whether with schadenfreude or disgust at the outcome, as the case may be.

There is no doubt that there is an underlying smugness about the European attitude to the American election. It couldn’t happen here: no serious politician of Trump’s crassness would reach his exalted level. Not only does such assurance forget our history, but it also disregards the subterranean discontents under the calm and well-ordered surface that could well one day erupt into something far worse than Trump’s clownish rodomontade. And our political class already shares Clinton’s invincible and ruthless self-righteousness. Being Hillary Clinton is like love: never having to say you’re sorry.

One thought on “Self-Anointed v. Resentful

  1. Mary

    “But in no election has an electorate been called upon to make a choice between two candidates whom it so actively despises—or so it appears to most people on this, the European side of the Atlantic.”

    For those on that side — yup.

    Someone did a poll where they offered the choice not only of Clinton and Trump, but of a giant meteor smashing into the Earth and ending all life. (SMOD, in other words.)

    SMOD polled in the double digits.

    Among independents it was in a dead heat with the other two.

    I think it is safe to say that speaks of an unhappy voting base.


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