Pity the Poor Politicians

Living under a PC regime is bad enough (“much of that population actually wants to be offended”), but it requires a very particular personality to take it one step further, as politicians do

Most people who speak for more than a few minutes will say something stupid or offensive to someone; and thanks to cameras and microphones, all that a politician says is recordable. In effect, modern politicians live under a totalitarian regime.

6 thoughts on “Pity the Poor Politicians

  1. Dom

    Does anybody have any further information about the documentary mentioned in the article? I’d be surprised if it was for British TV. He’s appeared on television in the Netherlands and seems to have a following there. Perhaps it’s a Dutch production?

      1. Jonathan

        I was also wondering about that.

        Dalrymple has in the past expressed strongly negative opinions about the producers of TV documentaries, and the techniques they use. I was surprised to hear him say that he went along with it.

    1. Henk ter Borg, Dalrymple's Dutch publisher

      The interview will be aired on Flemish public television, end of September 2017 at the soonest.

      1. Dom

        Thank you, Henk. That’s still some time away, but perhaps Steve or Clinton will post something once it’s been broadcast.


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