The Right to Health

A sign at a Paris bus stop recently implied a right, not just to health care, but to health itself….

The absurdity of this is obvious. If I discover tomorrow that I have a fatal tumor, my rights have not been denied me, any more than they were when I was born less handsome than I should like to have been. Even health care is not a right, though it is obviously desirable that everyone should have access to it…

2 thoughts on “The Right to Health

  1. David Abell

    Human Rights are non-existant except within the context of rule by those who are prepared to offer and defend them: look at Syria.

    1. Clinton Post author

      Well said. I always wonder what people are thinking when they speak of human rights. Where would such rights come from (if not God)? Of course, the answer is obvious: they aren’t thinking at all.


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