I Get No Kick From Women’s Soccer

In his weekly Taki’s Magazine column, Dalrymple expresses his perfectly obvious and correct—though politically incorrect—views on the pointlessness of watching women’s soccer as he happens to catch a women’s World Cup match on television while out dining with friends in Paris.

The players were very good—for women. The problem is that women are not very good at this kind of thing, certainly not by comparison with men. If you want to watch soccer played well (I personally have a limited appetite for it), you should watch men.

When I uttered what seemed to me a truism, that women will never be as good at soccer as men, the reaction was horror that such a heresy—no, blasphemy—should be pronounced out loud, though of course everyone knew that it was true (which is why it was a truism).

8 thoughts on “I Get No Kick From Women’s Soccer

  1. Mariana Bell

    My husband is totally addicted to women’s soccer and says it’s a lot more entertaining than men’s.
    So there.

  2. William Vaughan

    In these days of complete sexual equality, why are there any women-only sports? Such arrangements are prejudicial, discriminatory and arguably against the law in many countries. Uh-oh, I must be blaspheming.


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