The Forbidden-to-Forbid Generation

And we are back. I apologize to our faithful readers for the long break, but the staff of The Skeptical Doctor was on extended vacation in France and Hungary, with a few stops in between. However, there is no need to fret; regular posting will be resuming effective immediately.

Theodore Dalrymple critiques yet another self-absorbed, narcissistic modern architect in last month´s essay from the QuadrantThank you to our reader, Damian, who alerted us to this new portal that hosts the good doctor´s column. Please note that this is a subscription website, but you should be able to read at least one article on the house.

Narcissistic self-glorification seems to be a characteristic of our age, and almost a requirement for success. Could anything be more deeply self-regarding than the architect’s declaration that “I would rather be rigorous in the questions that I ask than the answers I come up with”? In other words, his pseudo-intellectual musings that seem to wander more or less aimlessly through his mind are actually more important to him than the buildings he causes to be constructed and that citizens will have to live with, and perhaps be physically dominated by, for many years.

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