Labour’s Lethal Manifesto

With the British elections looming, the good doctor summarizes the proposed loony leftist policies of the Labour Party and its unrepentant Marxist leader, Jeremy Corbyn. After this sad debacle, we can finally retire the first part of the country’s current official name, Great Britain.

Reading the manifesto of the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, I realize how close Britain might be to catastrophe—a catastrophe that would make the whole Brexit episode seem of minor importance. Barring accidents, it is unlikely, but by no means impossible, that Labour will win the election on December 12. If so, it will inaugurate a quasi-totalitarian government—not surprisingly, considering that Corbyn’s deputy, John McDonnell, is an admirer of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Leon Trotsky, whom he has described as the greatest influence on his worldview. Corbyn himself is an admirer of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

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