Psychiatry and the Presidency

The Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to have infected some of the leftist charlatans and liberal quacks of the psychiatry profession as Theodore Dalrymple aptly demonstrates in his Law & Liberty column.

It hardly needs pointing out (except to the likes of Dr. Lee and colleagues) that psychiatry is not an exact science, and much of it—psychoanalysis, for example—is not a science at all. To leave the state to the discretion of psychiatrists is like leaving industrial policy to alchemists or public health policy to astrologers. It presumably would come as a surprise to them that educated voters for, and supporters of, President Trump are well aware of his character defects, which after all require no very great psychological acuity to descry, but prefer him to the alternatives for political and economic reasons. They may be right or they may be wrong, but they are not ill, and at least they are not trying to invalidate the political opinions and choices of their opponents on spurious, potentially dictatorial, psychiatric grounds.

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